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Group - Carrefour rewards its suppliers

Last 17 November, Carrefour presented its first annual Sustainable Development Awards to its most committed suppliers in the areas of environmental, social and economic practices. The seven-member panel, which included Serge Orru, Director General of the WWF in France, awarded 5 prizes

In 2006, Carrefour designed and provided its suppliers with a self-diagnostic tool which allows them to evaluate themselves on a variety of sustainable development criteria. Today, 1,500 suppliers use this solution and share their best practices. To highlight their commitment and encourage this approach, Carrefour decided to reward these companies by awarding 5 prizes :
the Respect for the Planet award was presented to LSDH, an independent dairy company,
the Respect for the Climate award was given to Délifruits, which is part of Refresco France,
the Respect for the Earth award was presented to Hero, which produces fruit purees and other foods,
the Respect for People award was given to Candia. Finally,
a special prize was presented to Santens, a truly exemplary brand in the field of sustainable development, to encourage businesses in the non-food sector to contribute to environmental protection.

This initiative is part of a long-term project to unite all the Group's suppliers in support of sustainable development practices and, more broadly, to raise public and customer awareness of ("consumer action") initiatives.

The press release Sustainable Development Awards

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