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Future Supply Chain 2016

Future Supply Chain 2016

A new supply chain model that takes into account sustainability parameters.

We have the honour to inform you that the last GCI's report has just been published (Global Commerce Initiative: organization regrouping the main retailers in the world and about sixty food and non food manufacturers). The report entitled « 2016 Future Supply Chain — Serving consumers in a sustainable way » provides relevant ideas and examples to take up the challenges that our industry will face in the coming years and design the future supply chain.

Resource scarcity, climate change, security and new regulations, etc. require new approaches and new parameters have to be considered. Thus, traffic congestion in urban areas, CO2 emissions, energy consumption and the permanent rise in transportation costs will have an increasing impact on our results.

4 collaboration concepts are at the heart of the supply chain; therefore, the GCI requests all its members to work on the following topics:
- Systematic information sharing from point of sale data to on-shelf availability.
- Collaborative warehousing; on this innovative topic, we shouldn't be afraid of changing our traditional approach.
- Collaborative city distribution including home delivery; the Carrefour Group will promote pilot projects.
- Collaborative non urban distribution with different products, different orders for the same consumers. Carrefour still has to progress on pooling, multipick and multidrop.

At Carrefour, these 4 topics will have to be studied during meetings at Group level and also in the Business Units. We also rely on companies to account for it in their meetings.

Improving such collaborations demands new ways of working together in the physical supply chain. The framework developed by the GCI is a true opportunity for manufacturers, retailers and logistics service providers to accomplish this change.

The time to act is now, for the benefit of all.

Jean François Caillaud, Carrefour Group Flows Director

 Future Supply Chain 2016 Report

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