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Our Formats

Our Stores

Customers seek good selection, prices and quality as well as faster shopping in a simple, friendly environment. Carrefour hypermarkets have entered the era of customized services and are poised to conquer new markets. Over the past 40 years, the Carrefour group has grown to become one of the world's leading distribution groups The world leader in the hypermarket segment with 1,395 stores, the Carrefour Group continually adapts its store formats to the lifestyles of its customers.

Hypermarkets: Human-scale and in sync with local life

To create a more pleasurable shopping experience, the hypermarkets are becoming more compact. Internationally, the average size of a new hypermarket in 2008 equalled 5,400 sq.m, just two-thirds the size of a store opened in 2004. In many cases, the growth format may even be 3,000 sq.m to match as closely as possible the needs of each trading area. In these compact formats, Carrefour is expanding its offering to remain faithful to the hypermarket concept. Carrefour Group banners are growing and operating with their customers' needs at the top of the list, as evidenced by Brazil's Atacadao, a store concept with a focus on low prices; those recorded two-figure sales growth year-on-year.

Pleasure and choice
Entering a Carrefour hypermarket means being greeted by an affordable array of quality products. From indulgences to practical items, the shelves are continually being replenished with new products and services. Today exists more than 3,000 Carrefour-brand products.

Supermarkets: under the Carrefour banner

For customers of its 3,000 supermarkets, the Group is working faster to modernize its stores and convert them to the Carrefour name.

A dynamic brand
Throughout the world, the rollout of the Carrefour brand at supermarkets has been an unqualified success. The Champion and Norte stores that became Carrefour Express or Carrefour Bairro in 2007 in Spain, Argentina and Brazil all saw sales climb in 2008. In France, Champion became Carrefour Market after six months of market testing.
On August 31st, 2009, 758 CarrefourMarket stores prosper almost everywhere in France, among which of the franchisees. At Carrefour Market in France, supermarket customers find a friendly staff and the modern features of a Carrefour store. The assortment has been expanded by some 20% with Carrefour-brand products and new non-food ranges.

Hard Discount: low prices year-round

During these tensed economic times, customers are determined to make the most of their purchasing power. The Carrefour Group and its Hard Discount banners continue to expand access to consumer products by offering low prices all year long.

In 2008, Dia, the Carrefour Group's hard discount segment, proved that it is meeting a real economic need in every country of operation: Spain, France (Ed brand), Portugal (Minipreço), Greece, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and China. The number of stores climbed by 459 and now totals 6,252. In France, Carrefour pioneered the hard discount concept in 1978 when it created the Ed banner, which now boasts over 900 stores. The Group is planning to bring new energy to this format in response to consumer demand.

Convenience stores: always attuned to customer needs

Convenience stores are a huge success with consumers. The Carrefour Group brings all its modern skills to bear on this forward-looking format. Out of a total of 15,000 stores, Carrefour had 4,812 convenience stores in 2008, mainly held by franchisees and operating under such banners as Marché Plus, Shopi, 8 à Huit and Proxi in France and DiperDi in Italy.
City trends point to quick shopping trips on foot for additional items. In France, the Group is simultaneously testing two new banners geared to daily living: Carrefour Contact and Carrefour City.
Located at the entrance or in the centre of small towns and villages, Carrefour Contact offers a selection of products for preparing meals, including a generous assortment of fresh produce and a butcher's department. Carrefour City is specially designed to meet the needs of a highly mobile urban clientele. It's a fun, vibrant, user-friendly place to shop, with two main areas: ready-to-eat products and daily items. Carrefour City is open long hours to keep pace with urban lifestyles.

Cash & carry: proximity and accessibility for catering professionals

Among professionals:
Promocash,the self-serve wholesaler for catering and food industry professionals, has been doing business in France for 40 years at 129 stores throughout the country. The cash & carry banner is the world's No. 2 retailer.


Carrefour Food: the online food store in France
Carrefour offers shopping online in several countries (France, Spain, Belgium, Turkey...). A wide selection of services - such as home delivery and in-store or in-warehouse collection - are available to customers, varying from country to country. everything you need in non-food, online in France
In June 2006, Carrefour France hypermarkets launched a new, non-food retail website. This innovative site combines discounted prices with an extensive product selection and a range of services. has benefited from Carrefour's hypermarket expertise, offering the broadest selection available in the marketplace with over one million listings: leisure products (DVDs, games, software, music, books and more), hi-fi, audio and video, and household electrical goods, as well as music downloads and even flower and bicycle delivery., an e-commerce leader in Spagne
In Spain, Carrefour has become an e-commerce leader. Its food website attracted 20% more customers in 2008, largely because it expanded to six new cities, with a range of products specifically adapted to its various customer categories. With regard to non-food items, the site, which provides home delivery throughout Spain, doubled its sales and increased its customer base by 50%.

CarrefourDrive,the first shop openning at Nantes
Residents of Nantes can now take advantage oft the first Carrefour Drive pick-up point at Nantes.This new service is another example of Carrefour's commitment to meeting its customers'expectations and keeping in step their changing lifestyles.
How it works:
Customers place their orders on a dedicated page at,on a dedicated section. After making a secure online payment, customers choose the day and time they wish to pick up their purchases.

Visit the site Ooshop
Visit the site CarrefourOnline

CarrefourNet, the supplier portal of Carrefour group, aims at offering more transparency on the processes and tools used to exchange information between Carrefour and its business partners.

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